Avatar of Vishnu, Sun - Rama
Victoria Shukra

Avatar of Vishnu, Sun - Rama

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Rama (digital download)

Rama is the great dharma king. He is the foremost prince of the dynasty and representative of Cosmic Order of Dharma on Earth Society. He is the ruler of truth and divine light and therefore the association of the sun. Honouring Rama helps increase solar light as the power of truth, righteousness and compassion, transform and uplift our solar energies.

Communing with Cosmic Powers - The 10 Avatars of Vishnu
Each planet represents an inner archetype that we must integrate within ourselves for wholeness and transformation. 
There is a soul creature particular part of psyche that we must understand and honour in our spiritual growth.
The ten avatars of Vishnu have planetary correspondences through which we can gain favour of the planets.
Vishnu, through compassion, guides souls of creatures, compelled by karma to take birth through the planets.

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