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Melbourne Song Writers Forum - Songs of Elevation.
The NSAI Melbourne gang are back in action along with some new very talented new comers now posing as Melbourne Songwriters Forum.
This is an active songwriters opportunity to put your songs in front of keen, supportive, experienced musicians who will give honest  and constructive feedback.
We are already a full house however if you're busting to join a winning team in please DM with your name and mobile so I am add you to the what's app discussion forum where we share tips and throw around encouragement and elevating vibes.
We are currently meeting on the first Sunday of every month. We meet together on zoom and onsite in Port Melbourne collectively writing and producing about ten new songs a month.
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The MSF team

Zerafina Zara. Creative. Performance coach, songwriter, communicator & dancer. 

Mark Donnelly. Songwriter - Producer

Ron Wenzler Singer-Songwriter. Performer. Musician.

Noel Adams Songwriter

Catrina Seiffert Songwriter. Musician