Nakshatra Images

A Nakshatra is the original language of the stars the ancient sages connected to the intangible spirit as they tried to decipher the meaning of life with the qualities of the zodiac.

Symbols give the hidden meaning of the nakshaktras. There can be more than one symbol connected to each nakshatra. Unravelling these symbols helps us understand the nakshatra and its many meanings and it is one of the pleasures of studying the nakshaktras. Ancient sages talked in the language of symbols, not giving the complete information in case it fell into the wrong hands and was misused. Many of the symbols are connected to the deity of the nakshaktras and what they carry in their hands.

These  digital downloads of the Nakshaktras that will help you connect to the energy of your nakshatra and therefore your essence, your purpose. Your best bet is your Ascendant or Moon nakshatra. If you do not know your nakshatra why not have a nakshatra reading which comes with a complimentary digital download of your Ascendant and Moon Nakshatra.