Artists in Action


Artists in Action aim is to connect artists  together and produce excellent work with in a set time-frame  directed, professional environment .

That is, within the time of either the Moon or Venus passes through a nakshatra - depending on the project.

Together, we will finish every project with a filmed event followed by audience participation. 

This is a brilliant opportunity to get raw hands on experience, exposure and be credited for your work and of-course meet other artists. The positive vibe will also get you firing for any other creative projects you have brewing.

Every Victoria Shukra Project goal to express the powerful energies of the  27 Nakshatra’s of ancient astrology. If you’ve never heard of nakshatra’s there’s some great youtube videos on the subject.

If you'd like to get involves please check out our current projects page and/or register your interest and skills to be a part of future projects.

 Hasta Project