Ayurvedic Healing Consultation
Victoria Shukra

Ayurvedic Healing Consultation

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This is a brief introduction into the aspects of Ayurvedic Healing. It includes the following suggestions which you can implement into your lifestyle to balance the karmic and spirital aspects of your healing or/and enhance your day to day wellbeing.

  1. Dosha Constitutional Test
  2. Aggravated Dosha Test
  3. Vedic Chart - Dosha Cycle Analysis
  4. Muscle Test Check In
  5. Benefic and Malefic Planets in your Vedic Chart
  6. Gems Stones Recommendations
  7. Mantras & Prayer Recommendations
  8. Essential Oils
  9. Herbs
  10. Diet
  11. Possible Lifestyle adjustments
  12. 20 minute zoom chat

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