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Victoria Shukra



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Bastet by Victoria Shukra. Charcoal and Pastel Drawing. 60 x 45cms Baest, the cat goddess who was the tame form of the lioness Sekhmet. In Bubastis she was adored for her sensuality and loving nature. Sekhmet
 voracious nature for blood was to be pacified by Thoth when he tricked her into drinking red wine instead. Bastet then became goddess of  of festivals and intoxication. The sistrum held in Bastest's hand was emblematic pleasure of music and dance. Called Lady of the East, she was the daughter of Ra, her solar nature embodied the sunlight, whereas Sehkmet embodied the solar destructive power. She is also given a lunar nature her name meaning the soul of Isis. She appears as a woman with cats head surrounded by kittens, a sign of nurturing nature.
#egyptian mythology 
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