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Victoria Shukra



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Roar Drawing Limited Edition Prints 50 prints only - Egyptian Neters


Aten Sole creator god of the mom-theistic pharaoh Akhenaten. The word Aten meant "the disk" As a god, Aten took the form of the sun with human arms and hands stretching forth the symbol of life, the ankh. Aten worship temporarily replace the worship of Amun in Thebes. When the priests of Amun refused to cooperate with him Akhenaten moved his temple to Tel of Amarna the city he built exclusively for the worship of the sun.
You are the on God shining forth from possible incarnations at Aten the Living Sun
Revelaed like a king in glory risen in light now distant now bending nearby
You create the numberless things of this world from yourself who are One alone
cities towns fields the roadway the River
And each eye looks back and beholds you to learn from the days light perfection
O god you are the Sun Disk of the Day
Overseer of all creation..
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