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Victoria Shukra



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Goddess of Magic, wife sister of Ptah, Mother of Nefertum, and child of dawn. Ptah was intuition and will whilst Sekhmet was will and action. At time she appeared with an erect phallas symbolising her powerful, magical and creative forces. Phat was linked to Toth as author of the universe and creative intelligence, Sekhmet was linked to Ma'at who was one of the seven wise beings who assisted in world creation. As a form of Hathor she appears as a lion head wearing a red dress and a sun disk mounted by a cobra. The lion goddess is noted for her protective strength, courage and protective instincts.
Her name means "The most powerful one"  She defended divine order, destroyed the kings enemies, caused pestilence as well as cured disease. As a lady flame she was the Sun's fire-spitting eye, a world devourer, blood thirsty warrior for the sun god Ra.

Mantra for the Sun
Revolving through the realm of space by the power of truth, putting to rest both mortal and the immortal,
the Sun God Savatar travels in a golden chariot illuminating the world.


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