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Victoria Shukra



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Roar Drawing Limited Edition Prints 50 prints only.

Acrylic on Canvas Limited Edition Prints 

Osiris Husband of Isis, brother of Seth and son of Geb and Nut. He was the original sacrificial god of Egypt. He twice suffered death at the hands of his brother - once drowning and one by dismemberment. Ensnared in a tamarisk tree he was lost and found by Isis, only to be lost again. Morned by his sisters he was resurrected into the next world.

The Osiris cult symbolised stability and strength. His hieroglyphic sign was the throne surmounted by the eye.
Hymn to Osiris
Turn your face gentle upon us, Osiris
Lord of life eternal, king of the gods
unnumbered the  names of this protean nature
hols is manifold visible forms
hidden his rites in the temples
God who remembers still down in the halls where men must speak true,
Heart of the inexpressible mystery,
lord of regions under the Earth,
Worshiped in white-walled Memphis
Power that raises the Sun
Whose earthly form rests in Heracleoplois
Lord of forever, first in Abydos
yet far off this throne in the red land of death
His tale endures in the mouths of men;
god of the elder time
Belonging to all mand kind
he gave Earth food
Finest of the Great Nine
most fruitful among the divinities


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