N8. Egyptain Neter -  Geb
N8. Egyptain Neter -  Geb
Victoria Shukra

N8. Egyptain Neter - Geb

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Roar Drawing Limited Edition Prints 50 prints only - Egyptian Neter Project

Egyptian god of the earth; father of Osiris and Isis. synonyms: Keb. example of: Egyptian deity. a deity worshipped by the ancient Egyptians.
The primeval earth god in the Heliopolitan tradition. He appeared as a hill, the first land to emerge from Atum. On his back grew the vegetation of the earth. Like Aker, he also ruled the underworld. A consort of the sky goddess Nut, he was called father of gods and sired not only Ra, the sun and Thoth, the moon, but also the five epagomenal neters: Osiris, Isis, Horus, Seth and Nephthys. In human form he is depicted as a man lying beneath the sky goddess, phallus erect, or with his legs above his goose was know as the Great Cackler and was said to have laid the egg of the world from with Ra emerged. After the death of his son, Osiris he abdicated his throne as ruler of the underworld.
From the Book of Dead
The doors of heaven are opened for me
The doors of Earth are opened for me
The bars and bolts of Geb opened for me..
I am decreed to be the divine heir of Geb
Lord of the Earth and protector therein...

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