N9. Egyptian Neter - Isis, The Queen of Earth
Victoria Shukra

N9. Egyptian Neter - Isis, The Queen of Earth

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Roar Drawing Limited Edition Prints 50 prints only - Egyptian Neters

Queen of Heaven and Earth, wife of Osiris, mother of Horus and daughter of Nut. Her cult lasted from prehistory into the Christian era. She is wife widow, mother, protector, saviour, comforter and destroyer - the ultimate female in Egyptian tradition.
From Hymn to Isis;
O Thou holy and eternal saviour of the human race
Thou bestowed a mothers tender affections
on the misfortunes of unhappy mortals
Then dispelled in the storms of life
and stretched forth Thy right hand of salvation
by which Thou unravels even the inextricably tangled web of Fate
Thou turnest the Earth in its orb
Thou givest light of the Sun
Thou rules the world
Thou treadest Death underfoot
To Thee the Stars are responsive
By Thee the seasons turn
and gods rejoice
and the elements are in subjection

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