Nakshatra Image - Ardra, Storms, Teardrop, The Jewel
Victoria Shukra

Nakshatra Image - Ardra, Storms, Teardrop, The Jewel

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Ardra creates storms of destruction to create something new either  for the good or the bad.
Ardra - Arms of the Destroyer or the Moistest One
6.4 to 20 Gemini
Ruled by Rahu -
Deity Rudra: A form of Shiva
Symbol: The Head, Teardrop or Jewel
Sacred Animal: Dog

Ardra means "moist one" and is depicted as a teardrop. It is described as green, fresh, soft, wet and "shining like a gem" Ardra reflects perception of clarity that comes after a spring rain storm of Rudra or tears of sorrow.
Ardra power is effor, particularly for making gains in life through greater effort! This struggle can bring great rewards but not without persistent determination and a certain degree of luck.

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