Nakshatra Image -Satabhisha, A Hundred Unions
Victoria Shukra

Nakshatra Image -Satabhisha, A Hundred Unions

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Shatabhishak - Digital Downloads

Ruled by Rahu

Symbol: The Hundred Stars

Deity: Varuna, The God of the Sea

Sacred Animal: Horse


The real magic in life is in the expression of Shatabhisha in the myriad of connections.

The tangible forms give us direct access to intangible essences.

Shatabisha sutra teaches us that one must grasp the abstract to be effective at practical matters and one must be practical to grasp the abstract in full detail.

Theoretical and intellectual abstractions are useless until and unless they generate concrete results in the world. Conversely the concrete, tangible world is useless unless it serves to express and give form to the intellect, emotions and soul.

Shatabhishak can have many meanings. Shat means hundred and Bhishak means demons. Abhishek means healers, so this nakshatra can be both demonic and godly. Shatabhishak highlights the good and evil, both demonic and godly.  This nakshatra exhibits both sides of a man. These natives are people perpetually fighting with negative forces within, trying to control the inner demons so that they can aspire towards the divine. They seek higher guidance to lead them from the darkness to the light. These aspirations are idealistic and great, however most struggle to control their inner demons.

The tendency of Shatabhisha natives is to hide their true nature from others in fear that they will not be loved and respected. What they must learn is that people will be much more understanding and accommodating if they allow themselves to truly be seen.

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