Nakshatra Image Pushya, Prosperity
Victoria Shukra

Nakshatra Image Pushya, Prosperity

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Pushya Nakshaktra Image Digital Download

Ruled by Saturn

Deity : Brihaspati (Jupiter)

Symbols: A flower, an Arrow and a Circle, Cow's udder

Yoni: Goat

Motivation: Dharma, doing the right thing

Pushya means to nourish or thrive. Pushya people work to nourish others and create conditions so the world can thrive. Pushya is considered a very auspicious nakshatra.

With Jupiter as the deity it increases everything it touches. Saturn, the planet that brings forth karmic restrictions, is the ruler. These dual influences make it special. There is a strong balance between expansions and constraints. The soul's restrictions as well as the knowledge of its limitlessness are fully expressed here.

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