Nakshatra Image - Ashlesha - Serpent Power
Victoria Shukra

Nakshatra Image - Ashlesha - Serpent Power

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Ashlesha 16.4 to 30 Cancer
Ruled by Mercury
Symbol: The Serpent
Deity: Nagas


Ashlesha has an overall snake-orientated theme, evoking  a sense of hypnotic dance and mysterious seduction. To embrace in the romantic and sexual context.

Naga inhabit and control a unique realm of the universe called the 'Naga-Realm' the deepest of the seven netherworlds. As they dwell at the very bottom of physical dimensions they hold the earthly realm aloft upon their heads. Subsequently, the Naga are the strongest of creatures, comparative to a boa-constructor in the physical realm.

Ashlesha empowers humanity to embrace strong attachments and affections with enduring emotion and desire. It promotes the ability to bear great weights and responsibility towards those we love.

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