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Victoria Shukra



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‘Some don’t expect to see the darkness in daylight’ 
QEBEHSENUEF & IMSETY drawing by Victoria Shukra 60x 45cms.
Pastel and chalk. 
 In an elaborate mortuary ritual in the New Kingdom, the human organs of the dead were placed in four canopic jars. Four organs in particular had a specific mystical function. These organs were protected by four gods call the four sons of Horus. Each patron god protected a particular organ. The jar containing the liver was protected by Imset, a bearded human god, The jar protected by lungs was protected by Hapy, a baboon god. The jar containing stomach was protected by Duametef, a jackal god.

Attributes of the Sons of Horus 
Deity, Imsety, Human, Liver,South Isis
Duamutef, Jackal, , Stomach, East,Neith
Hapi (Xapi)Baboon Lungs North Nephthys
QEBEHSENUEF, Falcon, Intestines West Serket 


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