Nakshatra Image - Bharani - Discipline and Punishment
Victoria Shukra

Nakshatra Image - Bharani - Discipline and Punishment

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Bharani -  Digital Download
13.2 to 26.40 Aries
Ruled by Venus
Deity: Yama, The God of Death
Symbol: Yoni, the female sexual organ
Sacred Animal: Elephant
Motivation: Material prosperity
Bharani means cherishing, supporting and nourishing. Bharani expresses feminine energy in its pure form. Its basic principle is Shakti -the passive female power. Female energy incubates the soul and transports if from one realm to existence to another. It goes from a spiritual manifestation to a more objective one. Bharani are the incubators of ideas and thoughts. The nourish creativity in any form: art, ideas, thoughts and soul.
Bharani are the sensualists of the zodiac. They are forever searching for their spiritual self however they are happier expressing their sensual one.
This is the special nakshaktras for the goddess. They personify fertility, harmony and growth. Sexuality for Bharani is an expression of divinity.

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