Nakshatra Image -  Dhanistha, The Wealthy One
Victoria Shukra

Nakshatra Image - Dhanistha, The Wealthy One

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Dhanishta: The Wealthy One, Desirable Objects - Digital Download

Ruled by Mars

The deity: The Eight Vasus

Symbol: Mridanga and Bansuri

Sacred Animal: Lion

Motivation: Dharma


'Dhani' means Wealthy and 'Ishtha' means complete, therefore Dhanishta  means wealthy in mind and spirit. In ancient text when the sages alluded to a person being wealthy they meant having wealth of good character, thoughts and actions. This was considered far superior than mere material wealth as their nature was more spiritually inclined.

Spiritual wealth does not come easily to Dhanistha, but that can achieve it through selfless work, letting go of personal egos and working with compassion and high ideals for the universal good.

Between Shravana and Dhansitha which are complementary in many respects, the soul comprehends then reverberates divine music. In order to cooperate with nature, it is important to open up to the possibility of 'what is',  that is to create a safe place to be vulnerable and explore possibilities for growth with mature and deep care, consideration and forethought.  The experience of divine love requires complete renunciation of personal and social consideration in this regard.

Listening to the message of universal spirit requires giving up your own point of view and allowing a greater divine power and message to come through. The hollowness within the individual is filled with a universal sympathy and compassion and allows the Aquarian pitcher to pour out the water of life out from within.

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