Nakshatra Image - Magha, The Forefathers
Victoria Shukra

Nakshatra Image - Magha, The Forefathers

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Magha:  The Mighty One, Inherited Power
Location: 0 - 13.2 degrees Leo
Symbol: Wheels. Chariots. Palanquins. Transportation. The House. The Body.
Ruler: Ketu
Gem Stones: Citrine
Ketu: Cat's Eye
God: The Pitris or Forefathers
Animal: Rat
Motivation: Doing the right thing
Aryvedic Type: Kapha
Colour: Ivory or Cream
Motivation:  Material Wealth
Body Part: Nose
The foundation of Magha is the Throne of the Pitris - the forefathers, or the spirit of departed ancestors. Magha is dedicated to Pitris.

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