Nakshatra Image - Revati - Adundance, Nourishment
Victoria Shukra

Nakshatra Image - Revati - Adundance, Nourishment

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Revati - Abundance Digital Download

16.40 to 30 Pisces

Ruled by Mercury

Deity: Pushan

Symbol: The Fish

Yoni: Elephant

Motivation: Moksha - liberation

Revati means abundant or wealthy. Revati's wealth is both spiritual and material as the crops were usually harvested at the time when the Sun is in Revati. It is where you sow the seed for fruition at a later date. Being the last nakshatra, the ancient sages felt the beneficence of Revati.

Revati is power in realising the ultimate truths about ourselves, life, death, transformation and change. The experience of Revati changes our way of thinking towards a higher, deeper perspective. She provides nourishment for the soul while it struggles with the great implications of finding itself. Once we find the seed of creation within us, the divine, life cannot remain the same. We create major changes and transformation as this seed will grow into another future.

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