Nakshatra Image - Rohini, The Arouser
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Nakshatra Image - Rohini, The Arouser

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Rohini  - Digital Download
Taurus 10 to 23 Taurus
Ruled by Moon
Deity: Brahma
Yoni: Serpent
Motivation: Moksha
Rohini in sanskrit means red, which relates to passion and sensuality.
Rohini is emotional, romantic, loves grandly and considered the favourite wife of the Moon. According the mythology the nakshaktras are the wives of the Moon god, Soma, who stayed one day a month with each one. The 28 symbolic wives of the Moon reflect the differing moods and ability of the mind to constantly love different things.
Rohini is the first realisation of love, possessiveness, passion and ecstasy, but it is also the start of making yourself emotionally weak as one person or ideology does not satisfy. Rohini can suffer from jealousy of others as the wives of the Moon were jealous of Rohini.

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