Nakshkatra Image - Krittika, The Catalyst
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Nakshkatra Image - Krittika, The Catalyst

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Ruler: Sun
Deity : Agni, The God of Fire
Symbol: Razor or Flaming Sword
Yoni: Female Sheep
Motivation: Kama/Desire
'Krit' means to cut or divide and 'tika' means to 'challenge'.
Krittika natives are never afraid to challenge and cut through oppositions.
This nakshaktra represents the determined and tenacious will to achieve greatness.
It is the fighter for a social cause, the spiritual warrior. It represents the power to burn truths literally means 'the cutters' and is call 'the star of fire'. Since Agni is the god if the sacred fire, purification is the dominant activity of this lunar mansion.

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