Avatar of Vishnu, Venus - Parashurama
Victoria Shukra

Avatar of Vishnu, Venus - Parashurama

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Parashuma relates to Venus. He is Brahmin warrior who destroys negative forces that feed our ignorance.
Venus in Vedic thought is the guru and the guide of the Asura's - the warrior who chastises negative forces of the universe.
When these negative forces submit to this guidance he can lead them to the path of the Gods.
Honouring Parashurma takes us from the path of self- indulgence to one of self discipline.
Available in Digital Download to print on whatever you like, see  and keep your consciousness up to speed.
Communing with Cosmic Powers - The 10 Avatars of Vishnu
Each planet represents an inner archetype that we must integrate within ourselves for wholeness and transformation. 
There is a soul creature particular part of psyche that we must understand and honour in our spiritual growth.
The ten avatars of Vishnu have planetary correspondences through which we can gain favour of the planets.
Vishnu, through compassion, guides souls of creatures, compelled by karma to take birth through the planets.

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