Original Art Print - Sagittarius's Shield
Original Art Print - Sagittarius's Shield
Victoria Shukra

Original Art Print - Sagittarius's Shield

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Acrylic on Canvas Painting

Dhanus - Sagittarius - The Half Man, Half Horse - Rules the Thighs
Back Rising is the Bow owned by Jupiter, Sattvik, golden, vigorous at night, fiery, a Kshatriya, two-footed at the beginning, four-footed at the end, regular limbed, bearing a bow, standing in the east, moving on the ground and made splendid by Brahma.
Fire - Sagittarius seeks to follow their inspirations and intuition
Dual - Sagittarius will prefer being open to many  possibilities of life, as they are equally able to start something new or perfect what it has
Male - Sagittarius is a positively charged sign - given to action and external life
Sattva - Sagittarius is primarily motivated by the possibility of doing something good.
Biped/Quadruped - Sagittarius is biped in the first half, showing medium flexibility and stability at first. It is footed at the end of the sign showing more stability and strength later on. The implication is the native will grow in strength.
Even - Sagittarius will want equality in their dealings and a fair exchange, which allows the flexibility and neutrality to seek spiritual truth.
Jupiter rules Sagittarius where his male quality is expressed through the element of fire dual sign.
An inspired mind and life course lights the path of the Sagittarius.


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