Avatar of Vishnu, Rahu, Varaha - Boar
Victoria Shukra

Avatar of Vishnu, Rahu, Varaha - Boar

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Varaha - Boar (digital download)
The Varaha or boar incarnation of Lord Vishnu to Rahu.
The boar saves the Earth and lifts it out of the cosmic marsh.
Rahu in its higher form has a saving redeeming energy as manifested by the Goddess Durga, its over-ruler and by the boar incarnation of Lord Vishnu.
Honouring Varaha allows us to overcome the marshland of our ignorance and the many negative serpents that inhabit it transforming and uplifting our Rahu energy.
Visual Art is a powerful means of dialoging with your unconscious mind, to activate and bring to life the positive qualities of planetary powers you want to strengthen within you. 
To facilitate spirit to work through you so you can go about your purpose with ease.  If your Rahu in this case is well placed in your natal chart you may want to consider having a print of the boar around your house to activate the magician power within you.  A little suggestion how about download this image and print on an aluminium plate put it somewhere in your house you'll see it from time to time to set off a reminder.
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Communing with Cosmic Powers - The 10 Avatars of Vishnu
Each planet represents an inner archetype that we must integrate within ourselves for wholeness and transformation. 
There is a soul creature particular part of psyche that we must understand and honour in our spiritual growth.
The ten avatars of Vishnu have planetary correspondences through which we can gain favour of the planets.
Vishnu, through compassion, guides souls of creatures, compelled by karma to take birth through the planets.

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