Venus Mantra (Agni)  - Digital Download
Victoria Shukra

Venus Mantra (Agni) - Digital Download

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Astrology Remedies - Venus Mantra
Mantra is the main tool for working on the mind in Yoga, Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology. It is perhaps the most important technique of Vedic Sciences.

A Mantra is not just a means of gaining knowledge: it is a powerful technology for bringing about positive change in both the conscious  and the unconscious mind. A Mantra can alter deep-seated emotional patterns probably better than any other method of working with the mind.

Astrology Remedies
Planetary Mantras are used to gain powers of the planets for either  spiritual or worldly goals.Mantras increase mental abilities, open higher intuitive faculties, unlock potentials of awareness that otherwise might remain dormant
According to the text book this mantra should be done 108 daily or weekly and should repeat them up to 100,000 times within a 3 month period to fully empower them. That said, once is better than not at all.

To the brilliant bright light, to Agni, carry your purified thought offering with wisdom travels through all divine and mortal births.

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