About Victoria Shukra


Victoria Shukra aka Julie Stewart is long term experienced and accomplished visual and performing artist, singer-songwriter and musician.

From balancing a theatre stage, to writing a script, medaling out a storyboard, molding clay egyptian gods, soothing out jazz  tunes in european castles,  or connecting sounds in the production of a song, she's pretty much been there on all accounts.

Aside from her broad artistic experience she is an experienced business woman and runs an Information Technology Company - Identity Security specialising in Identity and Compliance.

My craft is very much about collaboration with others.

I want my work to be deep, profound and life-changing otherwise, I don’t really see the point in doing it.

I am very excited about taking this next step with Victoria Shukra and the Artists in Action movement.

The anticipation is the unknown of which I surrender to acting on intuitive inspirations.

I am also a duck in water when it comes to the occult sciences and am particularly  in love with the Jyotish astrology from which I align my creative inspiration.