Victoria Shukra


Victoria Shukra an 'artist name' As a  Vedic Astrologer Sanskrit 'Shukra' is related .Venus is connected to the Arts, Sensual Pleasures, Money - Victoria comes from the word 'Victory' asI have a five planets in Sagittarius - four planets eclipsing in the nakshatra's of Purva & Uttara Ashada  which represent undefeated Victory - It's a no barbie name but you are welcome to call me Julie - Julie Margaret Stewart if that makes you feel good.

Victoria is an artist in every aspect of the word.

From balancing a theatre stage, to writing a script, medaling out a storyboard, molding clay Egyptian gods, soothing out jazz  tunes in European castles,  or connecting sounds in the production of a song, she's pretty much been there on all accounts.

Aside from her broad artistic experience she is an experienced business woman and runs an Information Technology Company - Identity Security specialising in Identity and Aviation Compliance.

I am here in this incarnation to understand the mysteries of my, therefore our essence through creative expression and hopefully inspire others along the way.

A simple purpose, yet always dodging the resistance..

A duck in water when it comes to the occult sciences and am particularly  in love with the Jyotish astrology, Egyptian mythology and from which I align my creative inspiration.