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Victoria Shukra

Customised Business Energy Transmission Postcard

Customised Business Energy Transmission Postcard

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A Business Energy Transmission Postcard is a step up from your average vision board.

Using the date of registeration of your business (and time if possible) we will create an image using the ancient symbols of your vedic astrology chart. This will help you with a sense of the energetic flow of your business, milestones, as well as give you some great guidance on your marketing and branding.

The symbols come from  nakshatra's which is the original language of the stars which the ancient sages connected to the intangible spirit as they tried to decipher the meaning of life with the qualities of the zodiac.
Symbols are a distilled energetic essence which is extremely potent and will facilitate your unconscious mind in honing in a focus on it's purpose and goal. 

Detachment to the material as the image opens up a myriad of opportunities the conscious mind could have never thought possible.
This is also a great why to get the flow happening with branding, colours and imagery for your business. 
Order Process;
1. Find the date and registeration time of your business send to with a request to order
2. Move through checkout or email for an invoice or call on 1300 70 90 28
3. Let's have a quick -10 minute chat about your Vedic Astrology chart
4. Image will take 3-7 days to create. 
5. You will receive a high resolution digital download and an aluminium print and stand you can place on your desk.
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