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Victoria Shukra

The Beast - Original Frame Mixed Media Drawing

The Beast - Original Frame Mixed Media Drawing

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‘The Beast’

Mixed Media on Paper, eloquently frame in a dark grey and gold rustic frame.

Dimensions: 120 x 90 cms

A protection animal totem I call ‘The Beast’

So what I personally sense from these animals is this;

The owl is closely related to Athena and also the Jyestha nakshatra has taught me to have discernment and to trust my hunches even when I don’t at first understand them. 

Owls always look to the heart of things, not just what others show or say outwardly. 

Their instinctual aptitude is like a radar for the soul. Through the owl's eyes you can see new possibilities and potential.

Through the eye of an eagle, your vision expands and pushes you far beyond what you are capable of. The eagle also has taught me, detachment, from my ego-mind and that I don’t always immediately know what is best for me and to just sit things out sometimes.

Panther has strong intense feminine energies that put us in touch with our deepest truest self. You can expect feelings of strength, honour and bravery surging through your very soul. Panthers can help us truly understand the mystical transformation in death but can also remind us rebirth is also a part of the wheel. Our passions find fire and our talents emerge. 

I often wear an amulet I picked up from South America with a panther as a form of protection.

Twin Goats symbolism is of raw determination. They never run out of resourcefulness. They also just make me laugh. I like the idea of travelling fearlessly in a pair, like a goat scouring mountain walls fearlessly. 

Of course the white Lion for strength. The Lion symbolism also emphasises personal power – your strength, self-confidence, courage, and assertiveness.

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